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BEWARE: Working with clay may be addictive!

April Felipe ‘She was as lost to Them as They were to Her’

Ceramicists know something others don’t: Once you sink your hands into an earthy, moist ball of clay and realize that its creative possibilities are virtually infinite, you may just become addicted; I’ve seen it happen and I also speak from experience. The 2015 Clay National exhibition at the Workhouse is a prime example of the medium’s vast potential to express the maker’s vision.

Mariana Baquero ‘My Cup Runneth Over’

Jamie Bales Slone ‘Pathogenisis 5’

Annie Campbell ‘Downstream’

Douglas Navarra ‘Green Faceted Container’

Sara Morales Morgan ‘Virginia’


I have just completed a new series of decorative ceramic forms entitled Disneyland Revisited. The forms incorporate vintage crystal decanter tops that I found in a great junk shop in Melbourne, Australia. My underglaze illustration takes female characters from Disney movies and translates them into the ‘real’ world. Below are images from two of these new works.

Cinderalla Revisited:

Jasmine (Aladdin) Revisited:

I would love to hear from all you clay heads out there – any feedback is always welcome! More of my ceramic work here.

See original blog post here.

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